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The FREE eBook Version of: In God We Trust
The FREE eBook Version Of:
In God We Trust
Disrupts Your Old-Fashioned Thoughts About God, Wealth And Self-Worth And Opens HIS Floodgates To Financial Transformation!
The 3 Secrets Of The 'God-Centered' Millionaire Mindset
What Is This Book About?
Is it possible to become a multi-millionaire and love and trust God, too?  Absolutely!  But, you have to be willing to disrupt your traditional mainstream thinking about God and wealth and furthermore be okay with opening the floodgates to financial abundance. Even if you have no desire to be a God-made millionaire, you can't afford to miss out on these life-changing principles if you desire all that God has planned for you. If you do,…

In God We Trust is a fun, fast and easy 'fictionalized story' that teaches you the 3 "little known" Biblically-based principles that more 'God-Centered' millionaires use to gain God-centered financial abundance. And if you follow these secret principles, it's not only possible but PROBABLE you'll maximize whatever level of abundance God has planned for you!  Thousands of people just like you are using these strategies right-now to transform their life, why not you and why not now! Grab your copy today before they're gone!
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"I needed a change.  My real estate career made me good money but was killing me! In God We Trust showed me what to do to shift my thinking to freedom. Now I have more money and more fulfillment than ever before!"
- J. Anding, Michigan
"Jon Bender has written an engaging, easy-to-read parable that'll inspire readers of all ages. Anyone hoping to be a winner in the game of life should read this book!”
- Seth Davis, Sports Illustrated / CBS Sports
"For the large majority of my life, I had basically believed (wrongfully) that if you were a person of faith you could never really become financially abundant, boy was I wrong. It was a blessing I found this little book."
- D. Minotti, Florida
"Are You Prepared To Disrupt Your Thoughts About God And Money And Open Yourself Up To Amazing God-Centered Abundance?"
What People Are Saying About "In God We Trust" On..
  • How to feel certain you are worthy of wealth.
  • How anyone regardless of their skill level or education can become wealthy.
  • How your thoughts “attract” things into your life in a God-centered and powerful way.
  • How to live in a state of gratitude regardless of your matter what hits you.
  • How your struggles strengthen and help you discover your God-given purpose in life...and leads to a financial breakthrough.
  • How true wealth can only be obtained when you learn how to completely trust God in all things.
  • Why the concept of serving and “seeking to please” creates wealth without worries or risking losing focus on the "main thing!"
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